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Victoria Fernandez, Chief Market Strategist, joined CNBC to discuss our feelings on an additional rate hike this year, why we look at companies from an individual level rather than a sector level, and our target for the S&P 500.

“Regardless of whether you think we’re in the 7th or 8th inning, we believe we are closer to the end of the market cycle than the middle so we think there’s going to be some more upside potential on the value names than the growth names. “says Crossmark’s Chief Market Strategist, Victoria Fernandez.

Chief Market Strategist, Victoria Fernandez, joined Bloomberg Markets to discuss the trade war’s implications on the tech sector and some other companies beyond the headline names that we’ve added.

Chief Market Strategist, Victoria Fernandez, joined CNBC to discuss a few names we’ve recently added to our portfolios based on strong consumer numbers.

Chief Market Strategist, Victoria Fernandez joined Yahoo Finance to discuss 3M, Microsoft and other names that we are paying attention to as 1st Quarter earnings are announced.

“I think we’re going to see a positive surprise” says Victoria Fernandez, Chief Market Strategist, on our expectations for Q1 earnings season.

Chief Market Strategist, Victoria Fernandez, joins CNBC to discuss potential high earnings in the U.S. despite the market’s expectation of low numbers in the first quarter.

Chief Market Strategist, Victoria Fernandez, joined TD Ameritrade Network to discuss the market’s reaction to the recent jobs report, earnings, and why we’ve moved slightly more towards value stocks.

Chief Market Strategist, Victoria Fernandez, thinks there’s strong enough fundamentals that can help the market meet new highs this year.

Victoria Fernandez, Chief Market Strategist, joins Bloomberg Daybreak: Asia to discuss the market impact of the Brexit negotiations and where we see the pound heading.

Chief Market Strategist, Victoria Fernandez, discusses how Crossmark is leveraging dividends, options strategies and fixed income to take advantage of the current marketplace.

Chief Market Strategist, Victoria Fernandez, joins Bloomberg Markets live to discuss the Fed’s objective to extend the economic expansion.

Chief Market Strategist, Victoria Fernandez, joined CNBC to discuss the market’s reaction to the Fed announcement along with the position Crossmark is taking and the uncertainties we are still looking at.

“Uncertainty is going to be the biggest player in the market going forward, so we are taking a more conservative approach in both our fixed income and our equity strategies.” Says Victoria Fernandez Chief Market Strategist.

Chief Market Strategist, Victoria Fernandez, joined Bloomberg in Houston to discuss coming inflation data and the outlook for the U.S. economy.

With the US economic outlook, would the Fed consider cutting rates? Chief Market Strategist Victoria Fernandez joins Fox Business to discuss earnings expectations and the potential moves of the Fed in 2019.

We’re seeing a lot of momentum moving forward. Chief Market Strategist, Victoria Fernandez, talks about consumer confidence turnaround in the market with CNBC.

Could a second government shutdown spark a greater market reaction than the first? Chief Market Strategist Victoria Fernandez joins CNBC to share her insight on how the potential shutdown could set the playbook for the debt ceiling later this year.

With a rising labor force participation rate, what could this mean for the economy? Victoria Fernandez, Chief Market Strategist, returns to the Squawk Box on CNBC to discuss the January job report, potential inflation and the possible rise of the Federal Fund rates later this year.

“Earnings is going to be key going forward,” Chief Market Strategist, Victoria Fernandez discusses the current sentiment in the market along with the fundamentals we are looking at.

Environmental, Social, and Governance data: how useful is it? Zachary Wehner, Portfolio Manager, believes issues-based data may be a more reliable indicator.

“The bond market always seems to have it’s own story to tell.” Victoria Fernandez, Chief Market Strategist, discusses the flattening yield curve and and why it doesn’t necessarily mean that a recession is imminent.

Victoria Fernandez, discusses findings from Crossmark’s recent values survey along with how regulation could help to increase opportunities in ESG investing

Crossmark’s Steward Global Equity Income Fund (SGIDX) is listed as one of the best performing ESG funds of 2017 by Bloomberg’s Sustainable Finance Brief.

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