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The return of volatility and a sell-off in the equity markets, what should we expect going forward?

Crossmark Global Investments Kicks the Tires on M&A.

Tech and Energy Stocks showed gains after the Federal Reserve’s December meeting. Our Managing Director, Paul C. Townsen discussed the labor market and signs of steady economic growth with The Wall Street Journal.

Managing Director, Victoria Fernandez, discusses the flattening yield curve in the U.S. along with the rise of values-based investing in fixed income portfolios.

Managing Director, Victoria Fernandez, talks to CNBC about how Crossmark is positioning clients for regulation changes and volatility in 2018.

Managing Director, Victoria Fernandez, discusses Bitcoin, tech stocks, and tax reform with Fox Business Network.

Managing Director, David Rentfrow, talks to InvestmentNews about why advisors should care about RI.

Why are stocks rising? Managing Director, Paul Townsen, spoke to CNN Money about why earnings are causing stocks to soar.

Managing Director Victoria Fernandez discussed the current state of the markets on CNBC and how to position fixed income portfolios for rising rates.

Fund Operations interviews our CEO, Mike Kern, about Hurricane Harvey’s affects on our firm operations.

How will long-term yields affect the markets? Watch Managing Director, Victoria Fernandez, discuss with CNBC’s Closing Bell.

Managing Director, Victoria Fernandez, speaks with Fox Business to discuss the Fed candidates and how the final pick may influence the markets.

Our Managing Director, Victoria Fernandez, talks Federal Rate Hikes with MarketWatch.

Our Managing Director, Paul Townsen, speaks with CNBC to discuss the pause in the markets as earnings are released.

Our Managing Director, Victoria Fernandez, discusses the outlook for Federal Reserve Policy with Fox Business.

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