Institutional Investment Solutions

Customized Solutions

Crossmark provides investment advisory services for a variety of institutional investors including faith-based organizations, nonprofit organizations, healthcare systems, universities, endowments, foundations, and retirement plans. Crossmark's institutional services team specializes in the construction and management of indexed and custom quantitative portfolios. We offer both passive and active strategies, which have consistently delivered a portfolio solution that best matches each individual client's needs and objectives.

Client-Driven Portfolios

Your clients have defined their values, but how do they align their investments with those beliefs? We work with consultants and clients to develop consistent, measurable, and replicable guidelines that will satisfy a myriad of investment objectives and restrictions.


Assemblies of God, Baptist, Catholic/ USCCB, United Methodist Church, Latter Day Saints

Business Activities

Mature Content, Alcohol, Animal Welfare, Contraceptives, ESCR, Gambling, Life Ethics, Military Weapons, Firearms, Pharmaceuticals, Tobacco


Carbon Intensity, Climate Change, Nuclear Power, Coal, Oil & Gas


Gender Focus, Bribery & Fraud, Governance Structure


Proactive selection of equities which meet the requirements defined by the client


Child Labor, Civil Liberties, Discrimination & Diversity, Human Rights

Our Investment Process

You select the benchmark or allocation and tell us your constraints. We take it from there. Our optimization process works to control the risk of a client’s custom investment universe and objectives against many different benchmarks.

Where Our Investment Process Fits

Whether your client wants a cap-weighted, style or blended benchmark portfolio, we work with a wide variety of allocations both domestic and international. Let us help you find the right index benchmark to fit your firm’s and clients’ investment thesis.

The Crossmark Commitment

Our investment process is truly customized, and we value our relationships with clients and consultants. This is why we provide a dedicated portfolio manager and client service associate for each account. No matter the constraints or level of customization a client requires, we do not add additional charges to our standard fee schedule.

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