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Investing with your client's values

Our proprietary screening process provides investors with competitive investment returns without compromising personal convictions.

Values-based investing starts with commitment.

Our dedication to providing values-based investment solutions has been unwavering. Our proprietary screening methodology goes beyond the basic analysis of widely available quantitative industry data, and includes insightful fundamental research.

Optional Screening Overlays


Carbon Intensity, Climate Change, Nuclear Power, Coal, Oil & Gas


Child Labor, Civil Liberties, Discrimination & Diversity, Human Rights

Socially Responsible

Mature Content, Alcohol, Animal Welfare, Contraceptives, ESCR, Gambling, Life Ethics, Military Weapons, Firearms, Pharmaceuticals, Tobacco, Steward Screens


Gender Focus, Bribery & Fraud, Governance Structure


Baptist, Catholic/ USCCB, Steward Screens, United Methodist Church

*Please note that these are optional screening overlays that are client directed

Our Capabilities

We provide investment options across a broad range of asset classes using both separately managed accounts and mutual funds. Our focus is to provide outcome-oriented solutions for investors seeking Income, Income & Capital Appreciation, or Capital Appreciation.


Select your investment outcome:

Separately Managed Accounts

Crossmark Core Fixed Income

Crossmark Fixed Intermediate

Crossmark Current Income Portfolio

Crossmark Income Opportunities

Crossmark Municipal Fixed Income


Steward Select Bond

Separately Managed Accounts

Crossmark Covered Call Income

Crossmark Global Equity Income

Crossmark Balanced Core


Steward Global Equity Income

Steward Covered Call Income

Separately Managed Accounts

Crossmark Israel Impact

Crossmark Large Cap Core Growth


Steward International Enhanced Index

Steward Large Cap Enhanced Index

Steward Small-Mid Cap Enhanced Index

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