Aligning Investments With Your Values

Our Approach

Each client has a different set of priorities and values that affect how they invest. We help investors align their values with a broad spectrum of investment solutions.

Screening Process

Crossmark Global Investments has specialized in offering socially conscious investment strategies to institutional investors, financial advisors, and the clients they serve. By creating uniquely constructed products based on our proprietary process, we help clients align their investments with their personal values, without compromising either. Our methods are scalable, which allows them to be applied across a range of asset classes to the benefit of investors. Our methods are also transparent so that investors have a clear understanding of why each security was included or not included in the portfolio.

Optional Screening Overlays


Assemblies of God, Baptist, Catholic/ USCCB, United Methodist Church, Latter Day Saints

Business Activities

Mature Content, Alcohol, Animal Welfare, Contraceptives, ESCR, Gambling, Life Ethics, Military Weapons, Firearms, Pharmaceuticals, Tobacco


Carbon Intensity, Climate Change, Nuclear Power, Coal, Oil & Gas


Gender Focus, Bribery & Fraud, Governance Structure


Proactive selection of equities which meet the requirements defined by the client


Child Labor, Civil Liberties, Discrimination & Diversity, Human Rights

*Please note that these are optional screening overlays that are client directed.

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